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Habaş Sınai ve Tıbbi Gazlar İstihsal Endüstrisi A.Ş. was established in 1956 by Hamdi Başaran under the name of "Hamdi Başaran Topkapı Oksijen Üretim Tesisi". The current name was registered in 1964. The company was created to produce industrial gas using the modern technologies available at the time. Habaş, for the first time in Turkey, started to produce liquid oxygen, nitrogen, and argon in 1967 in Topkapi, Istanbul. Habaş has pursued investment in its sector in parallel to the increasing resource demands of the country.

Competitive Position

Habaş Sınai ve Tıbbi Gazlar İstihsal Endüstrisi A.Ş. provides employment to 650 workers. Habaş operates 12 production facilities and filling stations throughout Turkey. Habaş provides services to its customers via 70 main agencies and more than 500 distributors. Habaş has a production capacity of 1,700 tons per day, a storing capacity of 21,000 tons per day, and a fleet of more than 350 vehicles.

Dynamic investment operation

In order to strengthen its position in the market, Habaş has established an air decomposition facility in Bilecik with a capacity of 250 tons/day as well as an oxygen facility in Aliaga with a capacity of 200 tons/day. Most recently, Habaş has finalized an investment plan for a Nitrogen facility in Izmit with a capacity of 200 tons/day. Following the development of the Nitrogen facility, the overall capacity of Habaş will be 1,700 tons/day (expected time frame for completion: end of 2002.

In addition, Habaş has recently started to produce and distribute carbon dioxide to meet Turkey’s increasing carbon dioxide demand. Storing equipment such as cylinders and cryogenic tanks are manufactured by Habaş’s sister company, Hetaş. Habaş has also launched a Nitrous Oxide, Hydrogen, and Acetylene production facility in line with the demands of the Turkish market.

Recognized quality

The quality of our products, processes and services has matured over the years and reflects our motto of SERVICE, QUALITY and RELIABILITY. The quality management system of Habaş was certified by Rhenish-Westphalian Technical Inspection Association (RWTÜV) as the first company to fulfill the EN-ISO 9000-2000 quality requirements in its sector. Habaş is also a member of the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) – the association recognizes the exemplary security standards enacted by Habaş, and has publicly awarded the company for its efforts. Furthermore, the new carbon dioxide production facility was certified by the Registro Italiano Navale (RINA) according to ISO-9000-2000.

Wide customer base, reliability in industrial and medical gases

Habaş, Sinai ve Tibbi Gazlar Üretim Sanayi A.S is the mother company of  Habaş Group. Industrial gas is used in the production of steel, motor vehicles, and chemicals, as well as medical, electronic, and textile products. It is also used in ship construction, food processing, and various mining and construction activities. Further, it has a wide range of applications in both landscaping and energy sectors. With a wide customer base, economic downturn has not been shown to have a significant impact on the use of gas in the industrial sector. Specific industrial gasses include Oxygen, Hydrogen, Argon, Helium and a wide variety of mixtures thereof. Gaseous compounds are most typically composed of Oxygen and Hydrogen – in combination, these two elements are known to form products with the greatest volume. The demand for gas has been found to increase in proportion to economic growth.

Leadership profile

Habaş has set itself the objective of being a 21st Century leader by applying the following parameters to all business activities: using 100% Turkish capital and manpower, providing the best solutions to attain constant gas supply, achieving compliance with environmental regulations, and extending competitive advantage to all customers in terms of both quality and cost.

Leader of the Turkish heavy industry

Habaş is a leader in the Turkish heavy industry. Habaş was founded in 1956, and was the pioneer for the production of industrial and medical gas in Turkey. Habaş Sınai ve Tıbbi Gazlar İstihsal Endüstrisi A.Ş. is engaged in the production of liquid oxygen, nitrogen, and argon. Habaş provides services to its customers with the assistance of 12 production and filling facilities and a distribution network composing of 500 agencies. Habaş has a production capacity of 1,700 tons per day, a storing capacity of 21,000 tons per day, and a fleet of more than 350 vehicles.

In addition to its role in the both the industrial and medical gas sector and iron-steel sector, Habaş Group owns four other companies engaged in a range of activities related to Turkey’s heavy industry – these activities include: industrial transportation; LPG gas, LPG cylinder, steel cylinder, spiral welded steel pipe, and cryogenic cylinder production, as well as storing, marketing, and transportation thereof; operation of LPG vessels; management of all engineering and logistic areas.

An exclusive position in the first 500...

Habaş, has achieved the following financial milestones: export volumes of 1,200 million USD, import volumes of 900 million USD, and foreign trade volumes approaching 2,100 million USD.

"Habaş Group aims to be recognized as a world-class service. The vision of the group is to be regarded as "the pride and work of Turkish capital".  Of the top 500 Turkish industrial companies, Habaş Group is ranked 18, and is the 9th largest company among the top 10 Turkish export companies.


"HABAŞ Endüstri Tesisleri A.Ş." was established in 1969. The successful output of the group represents the strong growth of Turkey’s machine production industry. HABAŞ produces heavy machines through a wide heavy machine park. The group focuses on achieving exceptional standards in production quality, and is constantly seeking opportunities for modernization.  HABAŞ Endüstri Tesisleri A.Ş. renews its facilities by combining its own internal systems of assessment and control with the expertise of machine production world leaders – the latter is most commonly applied to activities such as project engineering, manufacturing, quality control, and start-up operations.

Since its inception, Habaş Endüstri Tesisleri A.Ş. has accomplished development, manufacturing and commissioning of projects in a number of industries: iron and steel, heavy machinery, chemical, heavy steel construction, and air separation. The most important facilities of Habaş Endüstri Tesisleri A.Ş. are the Habaş Iron Facility, Steel Rolling Facility (one of Turkey’s most modern steel facilities), and the Air Separation Facilities located in Izmit and Bilecik (each with a daily capacity of 250 tons and functioning with the most advanced technology). Habaş is establishing a Vacuumed Swing Adsorption (VSA) Facility in Aliaga with a capacity of 140 tons/day. All facilities have been established in cooperation with German, Swiss, Italian, and French companies, however, 85% of the machines and equipment at the factories have been manufactured using Habaş Endüstri Tesisleri A.Ş. facilities.

"HABAŞ Endüstri Tesisleri A.Ş." has capacity to manufacture the following:

Iron and steel industry:

Electrical arc furnaces, steel scoops, scooped furnaces, cooling platforms,

Rolling mill industry:

Log re-heating furnaces, cylinder stands, redactors, various guides, cooling platforms, various bar transfer lines, bar cutting, etc.

Petroleum and chemistry industry:

Pressurized and non-pressurized transportation and storing tanks

Heat Exchangers

LPG vaporizers

Carbon and stainless steel tanks

Cryogenic tanks


General machines and steel construction:

Heavy service cranes

Special purpose machines

Tailor made steel construction

Heavy service machines and equipment


Habaş Aliaga Iron & Steel Plant was established in 1987; it is a steel mill facility with a capacity of 2,500,000 tons/year. The facility is supported by wire-rod and bar rolling mills and also comprises a port, located seven kilometers from the production site.

Since its establishment, the facility has achieved modernization of its production services by organizing its infrastructure in-line with the latest technology available. The use of modern technologies has resulted in high quality production and allowed the company to take a position as a market leader in its sector.

The modern dust filtering system designed for the facility (located 65 km outside of Izmir) is an example of the environmentally friendly policies adopted by HABAS.

Habas Steel Bar Rolling Plant has a capacity of 1,900,000 tons/year, producing iron bars with a diameter of 8-50mm. Primary export regions include the Middle East, Arabian Peninsula, Europe, US, and Canada.

The production capacity of Habas Wire Rod Rolling Plant is 500,000 tons per annum, producing rods with a diameter of 5.5-20mm. Primary export regions include Europe, US, Canada, and the Middle East.

Steel blocks with lengths of 6m and 15m, and with cross-sections of 100x100mm and 150x150mm are another line of production in Habas Steel Plants.

Habaş Steel Plants have a junkyard with capacity of 250,000 tons – the site offers many advantages for loading and unloading of scrap.


"HABAŞ Spiral Boru" was established in 1986 in Aliaga, Izmir. It has operated on a large scale in both domestic and foreign markets since inception.

"HABAŞ Spiral Boru" manufactures steel sheets with a width ranging from 4 mm (0.14") to 20 mm (0.787"), as well as welded spiral pipes with diameters ranging from Ø406.4 mm (16") to Ø2540 mm (100").

"HABAŞ Spiral Boru" has a capacity for production of 50,000 tons of steel (sheets and pipes) per year, and manufactures water pipes, petroleum pipes, gas pipes and pipes for other special purposes. The pipes can be covered with polyethylene, epoxy, cement or bituminous coal according to the requests of the customers.

"HABAŞ Spiral Boru" manufactures welded spiral pipes according to the ASTM, AWWA, BS, DIN, TS and ISO standards.

"HABAŞ Spiral Boru" takes pride in managing its responsibility to use up-to-date technology, comply with applicable standards, and maintain quality control throughout the whole manufacturing process. HABAS Spiral Boru considers these activities essential to maintaining customer satisfaction and commitment.

"HABAŞ Spiral Boru" utilizes its own transportation means.


As at 2013 the Habas steel factory has recorded total exports of 383,000,000 USD with regard to produced wire, debars, and blocks.

As at 2003, the iron and steel factory recorded total imports of approximately 295,000,000 USD. The imported goods were predominantly spare parts for the iron and steel factory


Asgaz (established 1990), Habas (established 1992) and Pegagaz (acquired by Habas 1993) are gas distribution companies included in the LPG group. These gas distribution companies operate in the LPG sector on the principles of "care, quality and trust". Habaş provides gas in bulk as well as cylinder filling services in the locations of Yarimca, Aliaga, Ankara, and Bursa. These filling stations have storage capacity of 10,874 m3 and filling capacity of 12,000,000 cylinders per year.

Habaş owns an LPG tanker with a capacity of 5,000 m3. This tanker uses a semi-refrigeration system for the exportation and transportation of LPG. LPG tankers with a capacity of 25,000 m3 can berth and unload 300 tons LPG per hour via two platforms placed on sea level along the quay systems of Yarimca (Izmit) and Aliaga (Izmir). Habas is one of three companies operating in this area, and is able to import goods using their own means such as floating platforms.

In addition to its current investments, Habas is planning to build a new storage and filling facility and new quays for dockage of vessels on company owned property. The development sites for these new facilities will be near Ambarli (Istanbul) and Dörtyol (Hatay). Following the realization of these projects, Habaş will be able to import goods in bulk and deliver them throughout the country under excellent conditions with favorable terms and competitive pricing. 

In the last five years, Habas has tripled its sales of LPG, with an increase of 200% (volumes have increased from 40,000 tons/year to 120,000 tons/year). Sales are increasing rapidly too.

Habaş, is a forerunner in the LPG market in Turkey and provides services 24 hours a day at 200 LPG filling stations.

Regarding bulk deliveries of gas, Habas provides services through its modern tanker fleet to a number of well recognized companies in Turkey: Kümas, Tügsas, Tirsan, Trakya Döküm Sanayi, and Frentek.


Habaş shipment operations started in September 1986 by chartering M/S Anangel Success for a shipment of the first of a series of scrap iron load purchases from New Jersey, USA. As at the end of 2001, the total amount of scrap iron purchased by Habas totaled14 million metric tons shipped via 1,100 vessels.

Exportation of the iron and steel produced by Habas Group started in 1989 and as at 2001 had reached a total production volume of 6,850,000 metric tons per annum. The annual import of scrap steel is 1,500,000 metric tons while that of rolled steel products is 1,150,000 metric tons. Annually a total of 2.65 million tons of cargo is loaded and unloaded at the Habas port. The characteristics of the Habaş port located in Nemrut Bay of Aliaga, Izmir are as follows:

  • 500 m length, 30 m width quay. A docking length of 1,000 meter.
  • Water clearance from 5 m up to 30 m along the sides of the quay.
  • Docking length in the quay is 530 m; this can be extended to up to 700 m.
  • A Kone bridge mobile crane with 35 tons lifting capacity will be put into service in the summer of 1998.

The Kone crane is able to unload 10,000 tons of scrap metal within 24 hours. The second Kone brand bridge mobile crane will be put into service, increasing the unloading capacity to 20,000 tons in 24 hours.

In addition to the crane currently in use, two new German Sonnebogen mobile cranes (with a 20 meter boom and 16 ton of lifting capacity) were put into service in the months of November and December 1997. In addition to the numerous fork-lifts and loaders, 75 heavy trucks and trailers are in service at the moment in order to carry the scrap steel from the unloading point to the storing areas and carry wires and debars from the storing areas to the loading point.

Habaş has an affiliate named Habel A.S. Together, these two companies charter vessels for both the shipment of the scrap steel imported as well as the rolled steel exported. Offices of Habel are located in the Habas building in Kasimpasa, Istanbul. Habel chartered 195 vessels in 2001 and has six personnel.

Due to an increase in ship numbers, in 1996 all Habas Port dispatch activities were transferred to another Habas Group companies: Mertaş Nakliyat and Ticaret AS. The head office for Mertas Nakliyat is located in the Habas building. As at 2001, Mertaş Nakliyat had established operations with eight employees managing 353 ships.


Habaş is the biggest manufacturer of high pressure seamless steel gas cylinders in Turkey. The company has been servicing both domestic and foreign markets since 1989 and has a capacity of 50,000 units per year.

Habaş utilizes the most modern CNC computerized necking-in technology for the construction of both the base and lids of all high pressure seamless steel gas cylinders

High pressure seamless steel gas cylinders are used mostly for the storage and shipment of gases, including: oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, helium, and chlorine gas products. The seamless gas cylinders are produced in sizes:10lt, 40lt and 50lt. All cylinders comply with TS 11169 and other required international standards.

In addition to high pressure seamless steel gas cylinders, Habas manufactures welded steel cylinders for acetylene and chlorine in various volumes. Habas also manufactures welded steel cylinders for LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) in sizes: 4.95 lt., 26.2 lt., 52 lt. and 108.5 lt. according to TS 55 and ISO standards for domestic and foreign markets.