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  • Irrespective of whether or not you are an Anadolubank client, if you pay either social security or unemployment insurance tax, you can finalize your tax obligations at any one of our branches. To make a tax payment simply present either your tax accrual certificate or payment order. 
  • Social security premiums should be paid by the end of the month. In the event that the last day of the month is a holiday, the due date will be the following business day.
  • If you are a client of our bank you can make social security payments using a payment order via fax or phone. In order to make use of this service, we do require that you come to one of our branches to sign a ‘Fax agreement’.
  • Payments made at our branches can be finalized either in cash or directly through your account. 
  • If you have missed the due date for your social security payment, you can apply to the nearest social security administration for a new accrual certificate -  you can then process your payment according to the terms of the new certificate at one of our branches.
  • All records regarding tax payments are transferred electronically to the system of the Social Security Administration. The cutting edge electronic infrastructure of our bank ensures that all changes in tax regulations are accounted for and all tax payments comply with the applicable laws.
  • The tax payment receipt provided by our bank is deemed valid and eliminates the need for a certificate from the Social Security Administration office.