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Anadolubank operates in a sector that is rapidly changing and developing all over the world. To maintain operations in-line with the needs of this ever evolving sector, Anadolubank is supported by a highly qualified team of individuals. The bank’s employees are a critical resource for the generation of new, innovative and creative solutions to meet the diverse needs of all Anadolubank customers. A primary objective of the bank’s Human Resource division is to maintain and develop a workforce of dynamic, hardworking, creative multi-faceted, visionary employees who are well equipped with professional know how.

In acknowledging that human resources are the most important assets of an institution, Anadolubank strictly adheres to established recruiting processes. The recruitment process followed by the bank includes a combination of interviews and other selection techniques based on proven and scientific methodology.  Recruitment of new employees is carried out with the participation of senior management.

Wherever possible, Anadolubank fills vacant positions with current staff members – the bank seeks to maintain a tradition of developing talent from within. This approach supports career development and also strengthens corporate loyalty by increasing employee motivation.

Anadolubank supports its employees in every step of their careers. The bank has identified the following objectives for career planning: enriching professional know-how, enhancing motivation, and expanding the vision of employees.

Anadolubank recognizes that its service quality is directly correlated to the performance of its human resources. As such, the bank strongly believes that training is critical for both personal and corporate development. The Bank actively encourages its employees to participate in internal and external training programs. In the case of external training, programs are prepared by expert trainers to improve the technical and personal capacity of employees.