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  • Our bank, as authorized by the Traffic Administration, processes tax  payments relating to vehicles registered with the Traffic Bureau (registration is a legal requirement validating compliance with  the Highways Traffic Code).
  • Normal payment terms are January and July.
  • If your car is a recent purchase, you may pay your vehicle tax within the first month. If you do not pay your vehicle tax at the time of purchasing your car or within the first month, you are obliged to ensure payment is made within one year.
  • All outstanding vehicle tax debts can be processed within the current year at any time. Interest is charged on vehicle tax debts at the current interest rate under the applicable laws.
  • Our service is free of charge.

Please note!

Please ensure that your license includes information such as cylinder volume, load limit etc. Missing information may result in incorrect calculation of the appropriate tax payment value. Please also note, if you have a four-by-four and are not using it for load transportation purposes, your will be required to pay additional taxes on this basis.