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Hamdi Başaran (1913-1987) laid the foundations of the HABAŞ Group in 1956, under the name of “Hamdi Başaran Topkapı Oksijen Fabrikası” (Hamdi Başaran Topkapı Oxygen Factory). The Group is now one of Turkey’s foremost industrial groups in the Industrial and Medical Gases, Iron and Steel, LPG, Natural Gas, Heavy Machine Manufacturing and Energy sectors. The Group adopts the founder’s innovative vision as a blueprint, and operates with the perspective of continuous, efficient and sustainable growth.

As the leading company in the Industrial and Medical gases sector, HABAŞ has nationwide facilities, high production, warehousing and shipping capacity, a broad franchise network, technical support and maintenance teams, and the Group continuously expands its capacity, sales points and product range in accordance with Turkey’s steadily growing industrial and medical gases need.

HABAŞ is also the sector leader in Iron and Steel production. Starting production in 1987, today the Group has a capacity of 4.7 million tons of liquid steel. HABAŞ exports most of the production to various countries on five continents. HABAŞ’s annual export is USD 1.2 billion, and foreign trade volume is USD 2.4 billion. In addition to ribbed rebar and wire rod manufacturing, HABAŞ has commenced producing hot-rolled and acidified/greased coil, shredded coil and plaque in its new facilities, with a capacity of 2.5 million tons. Principally operating in import/export, the Group’s own port facilities are the largest in the field in Turkey, with high handling capacity.

Listed among the prominent institutions of the LPG sector, HABAŞ offers LPG to consumers as bottled, cast and auto gas, through its filling and storage facilities, LPG ship, sea terminals, extensive shipping fleet and franchise network.

Upon the liberalization of the Natural Gas sector, HABAŞ obtained the necessary licenses and developed for the first time the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) supply system for customers in places not yet served by natural gas. Hence industrialists around the country, who had to work with expensive and dirty oils, now have the opportunity to use natural gas. At the same time, HABAŞ developed the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) supply chain, and introduced it to the market in order to meet the needs of customers with lower consumption levels.

Aiming to have a presence in every area of energy, HABAŞ made huge investments in electricity generation, becoming one of Turkey’s foremost electricity generation companies. The energy facilities were primarily established to meet the needs of Group companies, and then the capacities were raised with new investments. The current capacity of 300 MWh will reach 1100 MWh after completion of the 800 MWh capacity investment, when it becomes operational in 2016 H2.

One of HABAŞ’s fields of activity is the manufacturing of industrial facilities. The Group sets up key-ready process facilities, air separator facilities, steel production facilities, rolling plants, electricity generation facilities, gas filling, and warehousing facilities for different industry branches, and it also offers engineering services in this area.

HABAŞ has been listed among the top 10 Companies in Turkey for many years thanks to its performance in sales and export. As of 2015 year-end, HABAŞ’s total turnover reached USD 2.3 billion. Fitch Ratings has determined HABAŞ’s Long Term Turkish Lira Rating as A, and Long Term Foreign Currency Rating is determined as B+. The general outlook is defined as steady.