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FORWARD (Foreign Exchange Sale-Purchase)

  • TL/FX or FX/FX sale/purchase agreements made with a client for a predetermined term and for a predetermined amount at a predetermined exchange rate are forward contracts
  • The term, amount and rate must be predetermined 
  • The forward contract does not create cash flow until maturity
  • The forward contract can be either TL/FX or FX/FX

Additional Benefits

  • The foreign exchange risk is sold to the bank 
  • Cash flow is not generated until the maturity date 
  • Costs can be determined at the date of transaction


A Future agreement is a legal agreement regulating the sale of a specific good or financial instrument in a specific volume at an agreed price.

It is an agreement that gives the buyer the sale or purchase right to an investment instrument, and binds the seller to that sale or purchase when or if the buyer chooses to exercise his/her right.

Future options are contracts traded in the foreign stock exchange for a standard amount and term. Contracts are in standard amounts and for standard terms.

Additional Benefits

  • Future Options facilitate foreign investment 
  • Large transactions can be secured with a small deposit 
  • Transactions may be executed 24 hours a day.