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You can pay the employee salaries of your firm through either an Anadolubank branch or ATMs. You also have the option of making employee salary payments through the ATMs of other banks.

Benefits for the Firm

  • Benefits of making employee salary payments via electronic means include reduced workload as well as elimination of time and all costs associated with travel to and from the bank. Electronic banking also assists with removing the possibility of a salary payment dispute.
  • It will eliminate loss of employee working capacity and improve efficiency by reducing work place disturbance on payment dates.
  • It will eliminate the risk of loss of money due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Benefits for the Employees

  • Your salary is made available in a form that enables direct investment.
  • Holidays no longer need to be organized according to payment dates.
  • You don’t have to deposit your money into a bank after you have received your salary.
  • You have the option to pay your bills automatically.
  • As an exclusive client of our bank, services are made available to you with customer discounts, benefits, and other favorable terms.

How it works?

Information (employee names and salary values) is transferred electronically from your firm to our bank. These amounts are then distributed to the accounts of your personnel on a specified payment date. We give all firms the option of installing our user-friendly software, which will enable you to enter the names and account numbers of your employees, as well as payment type (salary, bonus, etc.) and value of payment. This software is installed by Anadolubank. If you choose to maintain operations with your own software, Anadolubank will still guarantee total security of all transferred files.