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A direct debit is the transfer of funds from an Anadolubank client account (at maturity) to the intended recipient with whom our client holds a current debt in respect of goods and/or services issued.  The direct debit is deposited into the receivers account according to information provided electronically to our bank by the relevant party. It is a practical collection/payment tool for firms who purchase goods and/or services, or sell goods and/or services with respect to the same firm on a regular basis.

The direct debit system is a useful tool for all large and medium scaled businesses selling goods and/or services on credit. It also offers great advantages for individuals and businesses purchasing goods and/or services on credit.

Your advantages;

As a Creditor:

  • If you accept checks, promissory notes and even cash as payment for sales, the use of a direct debit system eliminates all intensive operations typically associated with debt collection (e.g. high volume telephone and fax traffic).
  • You will be able to manage your money effectively by monitoring your funds electronically.
  • You can update the maturity dates and values of payments at any time, thereby offering the debtor flexible purchase terms.
  • You will be able to access your receivables in full in a timely fashion from all clients who hold a credit balance with our bank.

As a Debtor:

  • You can organize your debts and monitor payments through your branch.
  • If you have a credit balance, you can pay your debts on time.
  • This service is free of charge.
  • Following negotiation with your creditor, you can update the maturity date and value of your debt with minimal effort.