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Spot loans are used when our customers require a fixed tenor. These loans are extended to meet the short-term cash requirements of corporate customers. Both interest and principal are paid at maturity of the transaction. The interest rate is fixed for the duration of the loan.

Unless extended under an export contract, Spot loans are subject to the Resource Utilization Support Fund as well as Banking and Insurance Transaction Taxes.

  • Spot Loans are a short term credit facility that offer more favorable interest rates as compared with other TL credit facilities. 
  • The term and interest rate of the credit are determined at the time of extension of the credit and do not change over the loan period the interest rate is not affected by market trends. 
  • The number of checks/promissory notes collected before the maturity date cannot be deducted from the credit. 

Benefits of Spot Loans

  • Provides cover for short term financing needs.
  • Lower costs than other TL credit facilities.
  • Fluctuations in interest rates do not impact the facility.
  • The fixed results of the facility allow for reliable financial planning.