Anadolubank is a subsidiary of HABAŞ Group

Anadolubank, is a young, dynamic, high-growth institution and is regarded as one of Turkey’s most promising banks. Over the past decade, the Bank has increased its performance gradually by developing a structure aligned to the needs of contemporary banking.

Anadolubank has established a strong reputation with a name that is widely respected across Turkey in a sector utilizing technological innovation to shape the nature of competition.

Anadolubank continues to increase branch operations and numbers on a daily basis (the bank was originally acquired through Privatization Administration in 1997 with only three branches in active operation at inception).

Anadolubank strives to deliver ‘tailor-made solutions’ to its commercial and retail banking customers. As such, market fluctuations are monitored by ‘dynamic customer needs analysis’ to develop relevant and current solutions to meet all client needs. The bank prides itself on new product development that evolves in line with both customer requirements and economic forces. With this approach, Anadolubank is one of the best examples of ‘customer-oriented and contemporary’ banking in Turkey.

Anadolubank, a subsidiary of HABAŞ Group, meets the working capital and trade finance requirements to be classified as a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). SMEs are the central driving force of the broader Turkish economy. Our goal is to offer, not only common bank products, but distinguished and personalized services to individual customers.

In order to maintain differentiation in both commercial & retail segments, innovation and product development is a valued feature of the bank’s organization and forms a fundamental part of Anadolubank’s corporate culture.

The Bank’s competent staff, extensive branch network, alternative distribution channels, and modern technological infrastructure are well recognized internationally. These features, combined with successful marketing strategies, have enabled Anadolubank  to build a strong correspondent network. Anadolubank serves trade finance customers without interruption and applies appropriate conditions with the support of its international credit partners

The values of Anadolubank are trustworthiness, transparency and high quality service. These values support the banks mission of becoming ‘a bank respected in international markets that is customer-oriented, innovative, a strong price competitor, and effective at navigating alternative distribution channels’

Anadolubank will continue with the support of its knowledgeable employees, robust management team, and strong shareholders to maintain sound growth in line with its mission and vision.