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Customer Enlightening Text in Accordance with the Legislation Concerned With Protection of Personal Data

  1. Identification of Data Controller
    We, As Anadolubank A.Ş. (Joint Stock Company) (“Anadolubank or “our Bank “), show the necessary sensitivity for the security and confidentiality of your personal data and your personal with special qualification. In accordance with Article 10 of the Law numbered 6698 concerned with Protection of Personal Data  (“The Law”), we have prepared this text in order to enlighten you as ”Data Controller”.

  2. Purposes of Personal Data Processing
    Although it may vary depending on the product, service or activity provided; In order for our Bank to offer its services in the best possible way, your following general and special quality personal data (Personal information from private data, religious information in the identity documents, health data and visual data can be obtained from the photocopy of the identity card and/or driver's license indirectly), may be processed by our bank.

  • Your identity data, contact data, audio/visual data, biometric data, signature data,
  • Your financial data and data related with your assets that may be required within the scope of banking services you receive from Anadolubank,
  • Your digital track in case you visit or browse our website with the intention of using Anadolubank online services,
  • Your health data in order to issue insurance policy for make you able to make transactions in accordance with the Regulation on Accessibility of Banking Services and/or in case you purchase insurance services as an insurance agent from our Bank.

Your personal data and your special personal data in question may be processed for following purposes;

  • For fulfilling required transactions for subject matter activities including enabling our Bank to provide products and services concerned with banking, financing, investment and insurance in capacity of insurance agency (through Internet, mobile, our branches and call centers etc.) and for updating your data fır this purpose, to make required announcements and notifications about advancements, and for establishing and executing contract in this line and fulfilling contract conditions and customer requirements,

  • For enabling of sales current or new products concerned with banking, financing and insurance services, for communication customized offers to you, for making references to products and services and for sharing of personal data with subsidiaries,

  • For making mutual settlements and payments of domestic and foreign cards, POS and ATM transactions, for buying treasury products, and for realizing payments and collections that are made through the correspondent bank,

  • For carrying out of required analyses and procedures concerned with credibility within scope of credibility assessments, for making risk classification based on payment performance, and for performing inspection works in order to carry out procedures in question,

  • For making planning, profiling, segmentation in order to provide products and services in a better way, and for carrying out and propagating of promotion, campaign and advertising activities through various means (for example, branches, internet banking, ATM, call centers, meetings held, press releases and social media etc.), for providing general and special offers, for making analyses in order to estimate products and services that our customers may need, and for ensuring customer relations management,

  • For preparation of control, betterment, modeling, risk assessment, risk monitoring and various reports and analyses within scope of business procedures of our bank and for measuring and assessing of performances such as sales performances,

  • For preparation of reports requested by official institutions (BRSA, SDIF, CBRT, CGF, CMB, CRB, UCCB, BKM, PTT etc.)

  • For realizing meeting, exhibition, organization, social responsibility projects within Anadolubank,

  • For assessing of requests and complaints of customers communicated through various means (call centers, web, mail, fax, Internet branch, branch, BRSA e-complaint, and other official authorities), for ensuring customer satisfaction, for taking voice recordings in order to ensure quality standards are met in case customer requests are fulfilled through call centers  and to hear those where necessary,

  • For preventing fraudulent transaction attempts from other banks by using fraudulent transactions such as financial fraud, money laundering, terrorism financing that targets service channels of Anadolubank and assets of our customers, and preventing fraudulent transactions to be attempted by using data of fraud victim customers, and following up the fraudulent transactions by our Bank, reporting of suspicious transactions,

  • In order to ensure the security of our Bank and its ATMs, recording of images with security cameras at Anadolubank Headquarters and Branches, and processing of identity data for the follow-up of entries and exits of visitors,

  • In the event that you connect to our Bank's internet network, for keeping your access records in accordance with the Law No. 5651, for executing our Bank's transactions in accordance with the legislation and our Bank's policies, for fulfilling the demands of the Governmental Agencies in order to fulfill the administrative and legal obligations and for implementing the decisions communicated to our Bank, and for satisfying of customer requests,

And for similar purposes.

In addition, personal data may be transferred to physical archives and information systems belonging to Anadolubank and kept under both physical and digital environments.

  1. Transfer of Personal Data

    Your personal data, for the purposes described in Article 2 of this enlightening text, on condition to be subject to the reason for the transfer and, therefore, to be limited with these;

    Within the scope of the law and related regulations; may be transferred to supervisory and regulatory governmental agencies and organizations, independent auditors, domestic and foreign banks, insurance companies and their agencies, mortgage service providers, call center companies, asset management companies, third parties to whom we receive consultancy services, including lawyers, to other companies that we receive support services within scope of banking legislation, Anadolubank's subsidiaries, group companies, contracted service providers and business partners.

  2. The Method and Legal Grounds of Collecting Personal Data

    Your personal data may be collected in automatic or non-automatic means in accordance with the basic principles stipulated in the Law, for the purposes of establishing and/or execution of the agreement, on condition to be anticipated in the law for the reasons of the legal obligation, the legitimate interest of the data responsible or the protection of the right with means listed below.

    Personal data is collected in physical or electronic media, as verbally or in writing at our Headquarters, Branches, call centers, ATMs, internet branch, Government Agencies (BRSA e-complaint, SDIF, ICFC, PRA, CMB, CGF, KPS, TBB , BKM, Consumer Rights Arbitration Committee, PTT, etc.), contracted institutions and companies, companies and firms established as a business partnership,  social media environments, SMS, interviews with customers, mobile applications, member stores, Anadolubank software and applications, courier companies etc.  

  3. Your Rights Concerned with Protection of Your Personal Data
    Within scope of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698;

  • To learn whether your personal data has been processed,
  • To demand information in case your personal data has been processed,
  • To learn the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used appropriately,
  • To know the third parties in which your personal data is transferred in land or abroad,
  • To request correction of your personal data in case your data is incomplete or incorrectly processed,
  • To request deletion or destruction of your personal data,
  • To request that the procedures for correcting and/or deleting or destroying of your personal data are notified to third parties where personal data is transferred in case your personal data is incomplete or improperly processed,
  • To make objection in the event of an occurrence of an unfavorable result in case your personal data is processed exclusively by means of automated systems,
  • To claim for your loss in case your personal data is processed in illegal manner.


Within scope of the Law, you may communicate your applications related with your personal data through;

  • An e-mail with secure digital signature to be sent from registered e-mail (KEP) address of data owner to address
  • In written via notary public to Anadolubank A.Ş. Headquarters Organization and Personal Data Management Department resides at Saray Mahallesi, Toya Sokak, No:3 Ümraniye/İstanbul or
  • By directly applying to our branches with documents that prove your identification.


In accordance with Article 13 of the Law, our Bank will finalize application requests within 30 (thirty) days at the latest depending on the nature of the request. In the event the transaction requires any cost, a fee can charged according to the tariff set by the Personal Data Protection Board. In the event the request is rejected, the reason(s) for rejection shall be justified in writing or electronically.

In accordance with the relevant article of the Communique on the Procedures and Principles of Application to Data Controller dated 10 March 2018, applications are accepted in Turkish language only.