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If you want to pay your bills through Anadolubank, you have the option of using automatic payment orders. This automatic billing system eliminates the need to wait in queues, and also avoids the potential for the accrual of delayed interest and other overdue charges.

What is an Automatic Bill Payment?

When you have a bill that has been issued by a company with whom we have a service contract, details of the debt amount and due date are sent to our bank. If you have sufficient credit in your account on the due date, your debt is automatically paid from your account and the payment is recorded in the company’s system. Even if there is insufficient credit in your account, if you have an overdraft facility, your bill will be paid.

Automatic bill payment orders can be used for the following companies.

Electricity: TEDAS, Bogazici Elektrik, AYEDAS, AYDEM, KCETAS, BASKENT, MERAM, CORUH, YEDAS, Ikitelli Org.Ind.Zone

Telephone & Internet: Türk Telekom,Turkcell, Vodafone, Avea,  TTNET, TURKNET



Cable TV: Türksat Kablolu TV, Digiturk

Please note:

The use of automatic bill payment orders requires one of two things: you must either have a sufficient balance of funds in your account at the time of the bill due date, or your account must be established with an overdraft facility. 

For ISKI bills, if the balance of funds in your account is insufficient to cover the full bill on the due date, the automatic billing system will deduct a portion of the bill according to the available funds - the outstanding amount is to be paid at a later date. For instance, if you have a debt of one thousand TL, but you only have 5 hundred TL in your account on the due date, only 5 hundred TL of your debt will be paid. 

  • When applying for payment orders, you must include either the original or a copy of the most recent bill.
  • If your account is set up to process automatic payment orders and you make a payment via an alternative method, you must inform your branch.
  • If you have automatic payment orders operating with a bank other than Anadolubank, you must discontinue these orders before transferring to the Anadolubank automatic payment system.
  • When establishing a new account with Anadolubank,  if you have a bill that is near due, first make a deposit into your new account and then set up your account to process automatic payment orders.
  • We can only process payment orders for companies with which we have a service contract and in regions where our branches operate.
  • We strongly advise all customers to open deposit accounts with overdraft facilities. A deposit account with an overdraft facility will protect you against delayed interest and all other overdue charges; it will also save you the inconvenience caused, for example, where your available balance is only marginally less than your debt.
  • Automatic bill payments are made only from the account you have instructed to be used for such purposes. If your have more than one account, it is advisable that you allocate your most active account for automatic bill payments.