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Anadolubank is a subsidiary of HABAŞ Group of Companies.

Acquired by HABAŞ group from the Privatization Administration in 1997, today Anadolubank is one of the young, dynamic and prominent institutions of the Turkish banking sector. Starting its journey with 3 branches under the umbrella of HABAŞ Group, the Bank continues to grow and improve with its employees and advanced informatics technologies supporting businesses processes. The Bank quickly fulfilled all the requirements of contemporary banking based on its efficient, profitable and sustainable growth strategy, attaining an effective structuring, and it further achieved a continuously growing performance trend.

Anadolubank closely monitors the dynamics in the banking sector with a proactive approach, and is a shining example in banking, thanks to its wide range of products and customer-oriented approach. The Bank stands out with its competitive pricing and innovative application, without compromising its contemporary risk management principles.

Besides fundamental banking services, Anadolubank offers all kinds of services in commercial, retail and personal banking. However, the Bank’s primary strategic target is to be Turkey’s SME bank. SMEs are considered to be the bedrock of the national economy, and the Bank aims to fulfill all of their needs. Providing more efficient services in this field and ensuring productivity enhancement, the Bank has made major changes in its organizational and operational structure towards commercial banking in recent years.

Producing innovative and creative solutions by taking customers’ changing needs into account, Anadolubank operates under the principle of unique and superior service. Anadolubank structured its innovation, creativity and product development services as a separate business line within its structure, rapidly scoring note-worthy success. The key factor behind this achievement is the corporate culture that is adopted and carefully maintained by all employees.

In addition to Anadolubank’s domestic success trend, its reputation in the international market is steadily growing, owing to the robust and effective relations it has established with correspondent banks based on mutual cooperation.

Anadolubank established a robust correspondent bank network based on its successful marketing strategy, advanced technological infrastructure, and specialized staff. As a result, Anadolubank can easily access regions with high business potential, and expand its external trade volume with every passing year.

The key components of Anadolubank’s corporate identity are reliability, transparency and superior service. The Bank aims to reinforce its prominent position in the national banking environment in the coming years with the perspective of healthy and sustainable growth. Thanks to its strong capital structure, experienced managerial staff, and the best employees in the sector, Anadolubank remains on target to becoming one of the most long-established and reliable institutions of the Turkish banking sector.