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With Western Union service, you can send and receive money in a fast, reliable and easy way. You can send your money by using Western Union network, in more than 200 countries, over 500.000 locations worldwide. Money transfer service is given at all Anadolubank branches

What are the advantages of money transfer service with Western Union?

•   Money can be picked up within minutes from participating agent locations around the world.

•   Western Union network, which is developed in more than 200 countries, over 500.000 locations worldwide lets you send and receive money almost anywhere in the world.

•   By providing a valid ID (*) you can transfer money with Western Union system. Sender or receiver do nor need to have a bank account to make money transfer with Western Union. Valid ID (*) is all you need to make the transfer with Western Union.

Valid Currencies for Transactions

You can receive or send money by Western Union in either US Dollars, TL or Euros.

Receiving money with the Western Union

Visit the nearest Anadolubank branch, indicate the country the money was sent from, the name of the sender, the amount you are expecting and the money transfer control number (MTCN). Give your valid ID (*) to the operator. The operator will check the availability of your transfer from the system and print out a "Receive Money" form for you to sign. Upon your signature your payment will be done.

Sending money with Western Union

Visit the nearest Anadolubank branch, indicate the name of the receiver, the country that the money will be sent and the amount you will send to the operator. Give the operator the completed form along with the money you wish to send, the sending costs and an valid ID (*). The operator will print out "to send money form" for you to sign. Sign the form and give back to the operator. Call the receiver and relay the information (MTCN) required to collect the money.

Transfer Fees

To get detailed information about transfer fees, click here.

(*) Valid ID ; Identity cards, driver's license or passport for T.C. citizens. Passport, travel document for refugee or residence permit for T.C. non-citizens